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This page is ONLY for current or past Learner Drivers of the Baw Baw L2P program. It is your point of contact with the whole of the organization.

We ask that you provide constructive feedback so that we can improve things on YOUR recommendations!

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  • Katia Ercoles

    I am a current L2P driver and the program has been great at helping me achieve my hours, with busy parents and school on my plate it was starting to get difficult. It is so great to see that there is finally a website and that the L2P program can now be accessed by so many more young drivers who are in difficult circumstances. However I must say I will not be driving the manual car again, I feel that it is too light and the gears especially first and fifth are difficult to get into, especially getting into first from a complete stop but the automatic is lovely to drive and although it is light I still feel safe driving it. Great job so far L2P very happy and impressed with the program and general knowledge of Beth and my mentor. Happy driving 🙂

  • Malinda Yeates

    Testimonial from Malinda Yeates

    L2P participant March 2012 – Sep 2013 P#48

    I am a 19 year old female, about to turn 20. I have had my manual driver’s license for almost 2 years. Once I got my license I moved away from home, 3 hours away to begin my university degree of Nursing. I tend to travel back home to my family every few weeks when not tied down with university study.

    Having my Driver’s license has helped me in more ways than I could have ever imagined; it has given me so much independence which I could not have gained without it. Prior to starting university and moving 3 hours away, my eldest sister was at the same university. She is 5 years older and when she moved away from home she did not have her driver’s license.

    Over the years I unfortunately watched her struggle to come home because she had only public transport to get to and from her destination. I knew that as soon as I turned 18 I was to go for my license purely due to the independence it gives me, and the independence my sister never had when she needed it most.

    Having my license allows me to do so much, and see so many places. Dad always seems to be servicing my car because I tend to clock up so many km’s so quickly. I drive everywhere, I always insist on driving rather than my friends because I just love it. I have travelled so many places and seen some great areas I would never how known existed if it weren’t for my license and my little car.

    But, getting your license isn’t all that easy… as most people are aware, 120 hours of practice is required to be completed before you can attempt the Probationary test. For many learner drivers including myself and my other sister (Cassie), it is almost impossible to get the hours completed when both parents work everyday until late at night. Cassie is 13 months older than me and so when we were both on our learners we got into the program L2P. This program provided us both with mentors who voluntarily took us on 1-2 hour drives several days a week. This allowed us to get our hours up rapidly and it is also a free program. It involves lessons off professional driving instructors including RACV.

    So Cassie and I both got allocated a mentor for the program who took us out driving after school most nights and weekends too.

    I firstly started off with a mentor (Debbie) who gave me a few lessons in an automatic car until I was ready to start lessons in the manual.

    I then got another mentor in the manual car whose name was (Margie). I had Margie as a mentor for a fair few months, and she was absolutely great. She taught me to drive in all sorts of weather, and in all different types of environments. This allowed me to feel comfortable driving under all different circumstances. Once Margie was confident in my driving skills and I had reached my 120 hours, I then got a few more lessons with RACV just to get prepared for my test. I passed my test with flying colours the first time around and I confidently and happily drove myself to school that morning, for the first time without an adult sitting beside me.

    I could not be more thankful and grateful for those mentors who taught me and helped me to achieve passing my license test. I defiantly would not be here at university where I am today, if it wasn’t for getting my driver’s license and having the independence to drive back to my family most weekends.

    Thank-you to Beth at L2P and the mentors for your guidance, constant help and support.

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