Learners – Forms & Fees

The following forms on this page are in pdf format. You can open them directly via your computer or save them for reading and / or printing. To save the file, open it, then “Save As” the file name.

You will need Adobe Reader to view these files and that is available here.

The initial application and interview and registration of your details will require these forms:

The next stage requires a “Learner Permit” check to be carried out prior to acceptance:

After acceptance you will need to complete these forms:

If you are under 21 years of age you will need to get the myLearners app. Further information can be found here

Other Useful Information (Correct as at October 2017):

Car / Motorcycle /Dual and Heavy Vehicle Licences:

Type of licence 3 years 4 years 10 years
New, reissue* or renewal
For full or P2 probationary licences
$79.50 N/A $272.30
New or reissue*
For P1 probationary driver licences
N/A $105.90 $272.30
Licence Scheme

For eligible drivers under 25
 Free N/A N/A

Learner Permits

Learner permits Fee
New learner permit
Car or motorcycle
Car learner permit renewal
Car or motorcycle

Driver licence tests

Appointment Type Requirement Fee
Car practical
driving test
Car practical driving test $43.80
Appointment Fee $18.20
Total $62.00
Hazard perception
Hazard perception test $18.10
Appointment Fee $18.20
Total $36.30
Auto to manual
licence conversion
Car practical driving test $43.80
Appointment Fee $18.20
Total $62.00