Learners – How To Apply

Applying to be part of the Baw Baw L2P program is relatively painless!

There are 3 stages:

  1. The initial application and interview and registration of your details. You will also be asked to register with Keys 2 Drive, a Government funded free lesson scheme
  2. A “Learner Permit” check will be carried out prior to acceptance
  3. After acceptance you will need to agree to “The Rules”, privacy, code of conduct and consent for checks and publicity

You can find the forms for all 3 stages on our forms page

If your application is successful, you can look forward to many hours of driving safely!

Learner Info - What Happens At L2P (March 2020)

Important, please note: Acceptance or rejection of an application to Baw Baw L2P Inc. is strictly confidential and will not be divulged to either the applicant or third parties, under any circumstances.