Road Safety Strategy “Towards Zero”

Last year 249 people died on Victorian roads last year and more than 5,000 were seriously injured – some of these people will never make a full recovery. All of these people have family and friends whose lives have been affected by their crash.

Despite improvements in the way roads and cars are built to make them safer, and improved driver education and behaviour, the number of people killed and seriously injured on Victorian roads has been similar for the last few years. The new Road Safety Strategy aims to include actions that will see death and trauma on our roads decline Towards Zero.

Anyone can participate through this online form which has been designed in collaboration with the Victorian Road Safety Partnership Agencies and Wallis Market and Social Research (our privacy policy is here) – specialists whose operations are entirely based in Melbourne who will receive and analyse all the information.

Your answers will be confidential and it will take you about 15 minutes to give us feedback – depending on the amount of detail you give in your answers. If you have any questions about this please contact us at 1800 113 444, by email us at or call the AMSRS SurveyLine 1300 364 830.

Thank you for participating and helping to make Victorian roads safer for everyone!

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