January 2015 News

January 2015 #13

Happy New Year. How interesting and challenging was 2014 ??

TAC/VicRoads established Baw Baw L2P in January 2009 with the first group of 15 Learners starting in September 2009. They are now well and truly off their green Ps. We attempt to make regular contact and follow up these former participants. Please let me know if you hear of any, so that I can add their story to our “Where are they now?” record.
* During 2014, 38 Mentors were matched with Learners.
* Mentors gave 1,130+ hrs of supervised driving time.
* Fuel costs were a tad more than the annual $5,500 budgeted, but with all the activity, no wonder! 42,368 kms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* 5 of the original July 2009 group are still supervising our Learners.
* Peter and Fred C. have joined the Steering Committee, adding valued dimensions to the meetings.
* Mick, Graham & Robert have ‘retired’, Werner has moved away and a newly-trained Mentor found an interstate job just 2 weeks afterwards so we lost Tim before actually gaining him.
* 9 new volunteers completed their training, with Greg going out of his way to complete the hours at Morwell and Moe. Thank you to all the ‘newies’ for taking up the challenge.
* John, Peter & Murray have been the astounding ‘website chaps’. They have established our bawbawl2p.org website and have worked with Pink Fiona to set up our bawbawl2p Facebook.
* The Google car-booking calendar is almost set to take over from the 2 diaries.
* Paypal will soon be on our website, making it so simple for donations to L2P
* Please keep referring to our website and if you have something to add, let’s hear about it.
* Taking a photo of our L2P car when you’re out driving can be forwarded to me and Pink Fiona can add it to the Facebook page for where is this??????

Would you believe 17 of our kids gained their Ps??? (and already 1 more this month).
24 Learners joined us in 2014, making 55 active Learners in the last 12 months.
11 have completed Yr 12, 2 commenced tertiary education courses, 2 gained local jobs, 4 started or are continuing apprenticeships, 1 has completed her apprenticeship, 6
have moved away for work.

· In November, the Andrews Foundation granted us $10,000.
· Baw Baw Shire Councile Community Grant awarded us $3,000.
· Local businesses and organisations continue their support, including Rotary Club Warragul, Quirk Real Estate, Alberto’s Pizzas, Voyage Fitness, Warragul Autobarn, Luciano’s
and Voyage Fitness
· Private donations have also been gratefully received.


December’s meeting had to be postponed but hopefully this can happen during January 2015.
Please contact me asap so I can pass on your details to John B.

Thank you every one, for all your hours of supervised driving and time spent with L2P Learners.
YOU are the reason this program is so successful. YOU are the reason for a safer generation of drivers.