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L2P Funded for Another 4 years!


by Greg Ryan L2P State Project Manager

L2P is set to continue for another four years with the State Government com- mitting $16 million in future funding as part of its $146 million Young Driver Safety Package.

This will support the continuation of the 65 L2P programs across Victoria by Coun- cils and other agencies, generally in part- nership with community organisations.

Over the next few months details will be confirmed with agencies wishing to con- tinue running this much needed commu- nity program beyond 30 June 2015.

Annual State funding of $4 million to- gether with Council support, local spon- sorship and fundraising efforts by com- munity organisations will:

– provide opportunities for 1,800 disad- vantaged young people to gain the su- pervised driving experience required for them to take their probationary licence test.

– support part time employment of 65 L2P Project Officers, and pay for profes- sional driving instruction before mentors take over.

For disadvantaged young people L2P is essential to help them to get 120 hours experience needed as part of Victoria’s Graduated Licensing Scheme.

Across Melbourne and in many regional communities, L2P helps to reduce disad- vantage and inequity, by getting more young people on the road and providing them a more positive future.

Keep up the great work!

Mid March 2015 in L2P

The YZE manual car’s keys were ‘misplaced’ on Wednesday arvo and found underneath the front desk at the Warragul Police Station tonight- after Beth had panicked!
All’s well now. Thanks to Peter Sutton for support.

Ross and Sam are taking a well-deserved break and Brian & Lucy will join our hallowed ranks after they complete training happening at Morwell.

Greg is in Canada, Bill is in Tasmania, Fred C has been in the Gippsland Lakes, Fred E is making raven jokes, Marion represented L2P at Lardner Park’s Motorfest (despite lack of L2P information being provided), David O has been bike-riding at top speed through Brooker Park, Peter has added details of tomorrow’s International Women’s Day event at the Fountain Room Warragul on our Facebook site, Viva Easy Living – 7 star homes- has come on-board with sponsorship, have you been able to get your Learners clean the cars???? the blue manual Spark is having new brake pads installed, new signage on the auto Holden is being finalised at RMI Print….gawd!

Beth is in Melbourne tomoz and on leave next week. Please email Beth if you need to make contact…”I’m always available. I will be in Morwell most of next week.”

International Women’s Day Event

womensdayRENOWNED feminist writer, public speaker and broadcaster Clementine Ford will discuss the empowerment of women and girls in Warragul on Friday 13 March.
The free International Women’s Day event on Friday 13 March has been supported by the state government, Gippsland Women’s Health, the Baw Baw Shire Council and the newly reinvigorated Women in Gippsland group.
The event, to be held at midday, will be one of a number across Gippsland to feature Ms Ford on that day.
13 Mar @ The Fountain Room, West Gippsland Arts Centre, Warragul. Time: 12:00. Free event.
See you there!
– Beth

February News

Hello Mentors (and 2 nearly-Mentors)
Just to let you know that Chris Brydon, from Modra Technology, showed his engineering skills today and replaced ALL 4 L signs cos THEY WERE ALL WRECKED!  Were your Learners chucking them in the boot at the end of each drive? Were you defending yourselves from errant cows or kangaroos on the road???
Whatever the problem, they are all new again, so that’s a better look.

The cars look dirty. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THE LEARNERS WASH THE CARS ….A LOT OF TIMES. They can bring a couple of $ coins and pay for it themselves.

The interiors are also fairly awful. PLEASE PLEASE TAKE ALONG A DAMP CLOTH OR MATERIAL AND MAKE THE LEARNERS WIPE DOWN THE SURFACES. There’s a vacuum cleaner at Community House. That could be used too.

It’s Friday.

Oh, 5 Mentors gathered at Luciano’s on Thursday and put some ideas down about advertising.
As a result, I’ve taken these to The Copy Centre and the team of Dave & Michelle & Julie will develop a draft early next week. Wait for that!

The Shire Council Briefing happened on Wednesday at 5:00pm. Haven’t had any Councillors knocking at my cave entrance yet to find out more, but we will continue to work on their involvement. Thank you to all the folk who came along to show how gutsy we all are.

Thankyou to Mentor Marion, who’s agreed to represent L2P at the Motorfest at Lardner Park on 8th & 9th March. Anyone thinking they could join her???

Marion and I are going to a SP Ausnet talk at the Warragul Country Club next Monday at 5:00pm. There will be nibbles and I’m really looking forward to hearing about all the projects and activities of SPAustnet. Also, we will be putting L2P details onto the entry paperwork and that will entitle us to be in the draw for $1,000. Doesn’t that sound fascinating? Marion and I may have a long long evening at the Country Club. Any other takers?

The manual blue car is being serviced next Tuesday because of ‘funny noises’. I spent 12 minutes at Barry Bourke Warragul this morning, attempting to arrange a new car, but mysteriously, staff members seemed to disappear. oh well, I’ll try again next week, after the service.

The google booking calendar seems to be working…apart from several overlapping bookings and my sincerest apologies about that. It is so much easier to see when the cars are available.

Perhaps I should go home.
VicRoads is “reviewing” our program in 2 weeks – lots of paperwork to check. I might ring you to ask for some updated signatures if I find anything amiss.

Enjoy the good weather. Listen out for the Eastern Spinebills…they’ve just returned. The Grey Butcherbirds are singing heaps and the Rainbow Lorikeets are competing with Eastern Rosellas for blossom. How about those damned Little Corellas?? The population has really exploded and if you can get a look at the Corellas through binoculars, you’ll see they are really really ugly. Wedge tailed Eagles are being sighted in paddocks. Please let me know if there are any near you. I just LERV them.

New Online Booking System Huge Success

Calendar-UpdateAfter the completion of just one of three months trial, Beth has announced the trial was such a success that the old system of booking hard copy calendars in the diary is now a thing of the past.

“Mentors found the new system very easy and much prefer to now have easy access to ther sytem through their home computers, I pads etc,” she said.

“If any Mentor has a problem booking  I encourage them to call me and I can arrange their online booking.”

Bookings for driving sessions with Learners are now completed solely online.

‘It’s been a huge success,” says Beth.

New Calendar Trial makes its Mark!

The introduction of a trial on line booking calendar for Mentors has proven to be a great success. “Most mentors prefer to use this system now rathe than go down and wait at the Police Station,” explains Project Co-Ordinator Beth.

Mentors across the Shire can now easily check to see if the car is available in their request zone. So far over `15 mentors have been using the Program now at the conclusion of its first month trial.